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A Personal Note From Fire Our Government

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I created Fire Our Government simply because I was pissed about the direction our country is going,

I’ve never been a writer never been deep into politics until Obama took office.

Since then I’ve been on point blogging and posting around the web ( Grammatical errors in hand ) because if we could save one mind one person from the pits of sheep land we succeeded.

Today is a new venture when we decided to start blogging on our own leaving Facebook and growing.

We are now accepting bloggers

We need some help in this venture you don’t need to be a facebook freak just help get the word out ..

Please contact us for more information


JS Admin @fireourgovernment

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  1. http://wordpress.com/#!/my-blogs/
    i have 16 posts so far, feel free to copy, paste share and expose. Prior to that I had dozen’s on Propoutious
    Youtube Glen Gibellina i speak my mind in DC to school boards……stand your ground

    My 3 minute testimony to Congress 2013

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