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Detroit Free Press Photographer Arrested While Filming Cops Making Another Arrest

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The Free Press photographer claims she was held in the same interrogation room with the man who was arrested, who she also claims police said had previously been armed and led them on a chase. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

A Detroit Free Press photographer was arrested last week for filming police officers as they made a separate arrest on a public street.

The Detroit Police Department is investigating the actions of the officers as well those of photographer, Mandi Wright, that occurred Thursday. The Detroit Free Press reported that the investigation is also looking into a missing memory card from her work-issued iPhone and claims that she was briefly held in the same room as the original suspect.

The Free Press reported the police department’s Deputy Chief James Tolbert saying that if Wright were detained with the suspect — a man who Wright said police told her had been armed and lead them on a chase — it “could be a serious breach of department policy.” Wright claimed the police interviewed her in front of this suspect, asking for name and address, among other questions.

Wright was let go after being detained for six and a half hours with no charges.

The footage Wright recorded shows several officers leading a handcuffed man to a cruiser. A man in plain cloths approaches Wright, telling her to back up and turn off her camera. She then identifies herself as a reporter working with the Free Press.

“I don’t care who you are,” the officer said.

Then there appears to be a bit of a struggle as the video footage shakes and Wright can be heard saying “are you touching me?” Then the clip cuts off.

This Article originated from The  BLAZE


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