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Open Letter to our Elected Leaders from the American People

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ImageTO: The Members Of The Republican Leadership Of The United States Senate And The United States House Of Representatives: The Hon. Mitch McConnell, The Hon. John Cornyn, The Hon. John Thune, The Hon. John Barrasso, The Hon. Roy Blunt, The Hon. John A. Boehner, The Hon. Eric Cantor, The Hon. Kevin McCarthy, The Hon. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and The Hon. James Lankford 

RE: Enough Is Enough: When Are You Going To Stand Up To The Obama Regime?

The liberty-killing demands from the tyrannical Obama Regime seem to never stop. Now, in addition to demanding a one trillion dollar insurance company bailout to prop-up his failed experiment in socialized medicine, Barack Obama is also demanding that GOP leaders give him consent to raise the nation’s debt ceiling yet again – ahead of schedule by the way – and moreover, he’s demanding that you comply with his dictates by February 7.
The response by the Republican leadership to this lunacy thus far can be summed up by a report last week in Politico which suggested that “Republicans are CONSIDERING getting rid of ‘insurance company bailouts’ WHEN they lift the nation’s borrowing cap.” [Emphasis Mine]
“Considering”? … “When” you “lift the nation’s borrowing cap”? … With all due respect, GOP leaders should have already told the Obama Administration, in no uncertain terms, that WHEN Mr. Obama agrees to repeal his trillion dollar ObamaCare bailout, THEN — and only THEN — would they CONSIDER whether or not they’re even inclined to move to other issues, especially the debt cap.
That’s what real leaders would say and that’s the response the American people want from those we send to Washington.
The only thing in Washington more sickening than the radical Obama agenda is the unwillingness of House Republicans to oppose it in a substantive way; and, in contrast to what your political advisers may be telling you, your political strategy of ‘Condemn and Comply’ is a recipe for disaster for both you and our great country.
Simply put, the radical Obama agenda will steal our liberty and our prosperity and the American people will never believe that you actually oppose it – and the American people WILL NOT reward you at the polls in November – as long as you continue to enable it!


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